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Welgene,INC.  develops and manufactures life science reagents with the highest quality in the world. Our main products are reagents for cell/tissue culture including animal sera, culture media, buffers and liquid reagents. And Welgene also provides wide range of products for molecular biology and protein research including nucleic acid purification kit, molecular weight markers, blotting and so on. Furthermore, we provide custom media production service and media optimizing service for pharmaceutical and scientific needs. We are committed to providing you with products in which you can have complete confidence. All of our staffs in Welgene work hard to develop, manufacture and supply the most reliable products and the highest quality services.
Full range of products for cell/tissue culture
Specialty media for CHO and Hybridoma cell
Liquid media manufacturing service for customer's formulation
Supply with quality control data including Certificate of Analysis
Media optimizing service for customer's cell
Full range of transfection kits for various cell line including primary cell and cancer cell
Nucleic acid purification, buffers, liquid reagents and various kits
ISO9001:2015 certification
GMP certification ; medical device good manufacturing practices by MFDS
693, Namcheon-ro, Namcheon-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 38695, Republic of Korea
Tel + 82-53-811-7081 Fax + 82-53-811-7096
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Cell culture Products
- Classical Media and balanced Salt solutions
1- Serum
2- Low-Serum, Serum-Free and Protein-Free Media
3- Insect Cell Culture Products
4- Cell Culture Solutions
Molecula Biology Products
- Transfection
- DNA Isolation and Puriflcation
- RNA Isolation and Puriflcation
- Cell Biology
- Molecular Weight Markers
- Molecular Biology Reagents
- Microbial Liquid Media
- Virus Related Products
New Products
- WelTrans™ Viral Transport Medium
- WelTrans™ Viral Transport Medium
- WelTrans™ Viral Transport Medium
- Prestained Protein Size Marker
- WelLong DNA polymerase
- WelPfu DNA polymerase
- WelTaq DNA polymerase
- WelPrep Total RNA Prep Kit
- WelProt Virus Concentation Reagent
- WelProt HRP Detection Kit
- WelProt Protein Assay Kit