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Virus Concentration Reagent (ML052-01)

Virus Concentration Reagent (ML052-01)

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WelProtTM  Virus Concentration Reagent
Catalog Number  : ML 052-01

Contents :
5X Virus Concentration Reagent : 100ml

Research Use Only 

Product Description
The low titer virus was usually produced. It needs to be concentrated for further applications. WelProtTM Virus Concentration Reagent is an easy, convenient product for virus concentration without ultra-centrifugation. This product can concentrate retrovirus, lentivirus, and phage and uses nontoxic reagents. It can be concentrated over 10 ~ 100 folds. 

Storage and Stability
All components are store during 12 months at 4℃ or long-term at -20℃

Chemical Hazard
When working with the product, we recommend the use of gloves, lab coats and eye protection.


  1. Harvest virus solutions from virus producer cells and remove cell pellets using centrifugation.
  1. Add 1/5 volume of virus concentration reagent to 4/5 volume of virus solutions.

       3.Incubate overnight at 4℃

       4.Centrifuge at 3,500 Xg for 30 mins at 4℃, carefully remove supernatant.

      5.Suspend the virus pellet in small volume (below 100 ul) of serum-free media and             store at deep-freezer for future use. If required, aliquot the concentrated virus

      1.Marino M.P. (2003) Lentivirus gene engineering protocols 43-55.