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About Us


   develops and manufactures life science reagents with the excellent quality. Our main products are reagents for cell/tissue culture including animal sera, culture media, buffers, and liquid reagents. And Welgene also provides a wide range of products for molecular biology and protein research including nucleic acid purification kit, molecular weight markers, blotting, and so on.

Furthermore, we provide custom media production service and media optimizing service for pharmaceutical and scientific needs. We are committed to providing you with products in which you can have complete confidence. All of our staff in Welgene work hard to develop, manufacture, and supply the most reliable products and the highest quality services.

Rocky Mountain Biologicals, LLC

미국 자회사 RMBIO를 통한 US Origin의 검증된 최고 품질의 혈청 제품 제공

 Flexible GMP Production

엄격한 제어, 관리, 프로세스를 갖춘 GMP 규격시설에서 고객의 요청에 맞는 유연한 규격 생산 및 포장

Quality Safety & Value

20년 이상의 배지 및 혈청산업 분야의 경험과 결합된 유연한 사업서비스 제공





Animal Sera, Media and Buffers for Cell Culture
Full range of products for cell/tissue culture.

Serum-Free and Frotein-Free Media
Specialty media for CHO and Hybridoma cell

Custom Media manufacturing Service
Liquid media manufacturing service for customer's formulation
Supply with quality control data including Certificate of Analysis

Media Optimizing Service
Media optimizing service for customer's cell

Transfection Reagents
Full range of transfection kits for various cell lines including primary cells and cancer cells

Molecular Biology and Protein Related Products
Nucleic acid purification, buffers, liquid reagents, and various kits

Manufacturer Certifications