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10% SDS Solution (ML009-01)

10% SDS Solution (ML009-01)

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10% SDS Solution
Contains 10% Lauryl sulfate, sodium salt
in ultra pure water
DNase, RNase and protease – none detected
Cell culture tested

Catalog Number ML 009-01
Storage Temperature 15~30°C

Product Description
Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS, lauryl sulfate sodium salt) is a highly negative ionic detergent used to denaturize protein. SDS binds to the hydrophobic part of proteins, altering the protein`s native three dimensional structure and rendering a long polypeptide chain. In addition, due to the negative charge of SDS, the protein loses its original net charge and consequently exhibits a negative overall charge. These characteristics have been utilized in protein splitting techniques that disregard the structure and net charge of proteins, and is based purely on its molecular weight (Dalton or kDa). SDS-PAGE (SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis), which is the most commonly used technique in protein electrophoresis, is among one of these. SDS can also protect cell walls of E. coli and various other microbes during plasmid DNA extraction. Though WelGENE`s SDS solutions are all provided in a “DNase, RNase, and protease-none detected” state, when contamination is of concern after long periods of usage, immerse the SDS solution at 95°C for 30 minutes to deactivate potential DNase and protease molecules that could be existing in the solution.

ML 009-01 contains 100 g SDS in 1 L ultra pure water (ML 019-02).

SDS solution should be stored at 15~30°C. Deterioration of the liquid may be recognized by (1) precipitate or particulate matter throughout the solution, (2) cloudy appearance, (3) color change, and/or (4) pH change. Product label bears expiration date.

For In Vitro Use Only

Molecular Weight
288.4 g/mole

Molecular Formula

Molecular Structure