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(SPB), pH 7.4 (300 mM), (ML020-02)

(SPB), pH 7.4 (300 mM), (ML020-02)

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Phosphate Buffer
(Gomori Buffer) Solutions
DNase, RNase and protease-none detected

Catalog Number ML 020-01 (pH 8.5)
                           ML 020-02 (pH 7.4)

Storage Temperature 15~30°C

Product Description
Gomori buffer is one of the most commonly used phosphate buffers. This particular buffer is a mixture of monobasic dihydrogen phosphate (XH2PO4, X: Na or K) and dibasic monohydrogen phosphate (XH2PO4, X: Na or K). The volume of the two constituents can be adjusted to modulate pH between ranges of pH 5.8 ~ 8.0. Phosphate, which is easily soluble, exhibits high flexibility in its buffering capacity. It can also deter several types of restriction enzyme and ligation reactions, in addition to assisting the transformation of bacteria. Under the presence of large amounts of ethanol, however, sedimentation can occur as cations such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ bond with the product.

ML 02001 contains 300 mM sodium and 300 mM phosphate. pH is 8.5.
ML 02002 contains 300 mM sodium and 300 mM phosphate. pH is 7.4.

The concentrated Gomori buffer buffers should be stored at 15~30°C. Deterioration of the solution may be recognized by (1) precipitate or particulate matter throughout the solution, (2) cloudy appearance, (3) color change, and/or (4) pH change. Product label bears expiration date.

For In Vitro Use Only