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Poloxamer 188 Solution  (LS105-02)

Poloxamer 188 Solution (LS105-02)

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Poloxamer 188 Solution (100X)
Contains 100.0 g/L Poloxamers 188
In cell/tissue culture grade water
Endotoxin tested
Insect cell culture tested

Catalog Number LS 105-02
Storage Temperature 2~8°C

Product Description
Poloxamers is a difunctional block copolymer surfactant terminating in primary hydroxyl groups. A nonionic surfactant that is 100% active and relatively nontoxic. Poloxamers 188 has a molecular weight of 8000 and consists mainly of polyoxyethylene (approx. 80%). It is applied in the culturing of mammalian cells in large batches. It prevents the sticking of air bubbles to cells, which develop during mixing within the fermentor, stabilizes the foam on the surface or improves the resistance of the cell membrane against hydrodynamic shearing.

LS 105-02 contains 100.0 g/L Poloxamers 188 in cell/tissue culture grade water (LS 016-01).

The Poloxamers 188 solution should be stored at 2~8°C. Deterioration of the liquid may be recognized by (1) precipitate or particulate matter throughout the solution, (2) cloudy appearance, (3) color change, and/or (4) pH change. The nature of supplements added may affect storage conditions and shelf life of the medium. Product label bears expiration date.

For In Vitro Use Only