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Yeast Extract Soluton (LS107-02)

Yeast Extract Soluton (LS107-02)

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Yeast Extract Solutions
Endotoxin tested
Insect cell culture tested

Catalog Number LS 107-01
                            LS 107-02

Storage Temperature 2~8°C

Product Description
Yeast Extract is the water-soluble portion of autolyzed yeast. The autolysis is carefully controlled to preserve naturally occurring B-complex vitamins. Yeast Extract is prepared and standardized for bacteriological use and cell cultures, and is an excellent stimulator of bacterial growth. Yeast Extract is generally employed in the concentration of 0.3% - 0.5%. Yeast Extract is typically prepared by growing baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces spp., in a carbohydrate-rich plant medium. Yeast Extract has been successful in culture media for bacterial studies in milk and other dairy products. Several media containing Yeast Extract have been recommended for cell culture applications.

LS 10701 contains 166.66 g/L yeast extract in cell/tissue culture grade water (LS 016-01).

LS 107-02 contains 200.0 g/L yeast extract in cell/tissue culture grade water (LS 016-01).

The concentrated Yeast Extract solution should be stored at 2~8°C. Deterioration of the solution may be recognized by (1) precipitate or particulate matter throughout the solution, (2) cloudy appearance, (3) color change, and/or (4) pH change. Product label bears expiration date.

For In Vitro Use Only